The Journey So Far

One of the core elements of this blog is to share my experiences travelling to different parts of the world. I have wanted to travel far and wide ever since I first opened an atlas as a little kid. Given my age and that it was before the digital revolution, that oversized hard cover atlas made me feel like I was looking at other planets. The names and places like Chad, Azerbaijan, Uruguay, Myanmar, Latvia, seemed seemed so utterly distant and unknowable.

With each name that I began to recognize, I would start to “fill in the map” with more information about what that place looks like, and what life might be like there. I still use the term “filling in the map” to describe countries that I can picture on a map and name some of their neighbours but don’t know what their geographies look like, their population demographics, their economic mainstays, nor how their political systems work.

Naturally, even in my home country of Canada there are more regions I have never been to than those I have. And even those regions I have travelled to or even lived, there are countless cultures, histories, and ways of living mapped onto those geographies that I am just learning and others that I will never know. To me that’s part of what fascinates me so much about physical geography, human geography, and travel; any given places’ meaning can vary so much across time and from person to person and culture to culture.

At the time I’m writing this I have had the privilege to travel to 12 countries in Europe and North America. In the coming months I am planning my first trip to Asia and will add 1-2 more countries, and one more continent to that list.

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And please add your list of countries you’ve travelled to, and where you want to visit next!